Vielfalt - Eine Sonderausstellung

Group Exhibition
Date: 02.12.2023 – 09.01.2024
Place: Leonrodstr. 43, 80636 Munich

Freilichtkunst, with the kind support of Haus Of Arts und Kultur Neuhausen, invites you to the exhibition “Diversity”.

A dozen contemporary artists from Berlin and Munich will be presenting their work under the theme “Diversity”. From painting and sculpture to photography: experience the colorful diversity of contemporary art!

In addition, the legacy of a deceased art collector will be sold: works by internationally renowned artists such as Heimrad Prem and Anton Stankowski, as well as various antiques dating back to the 14th century.

02.12.23 from 6 pm Vernissage (postponed to 09.12.23)
17.12.23 from 6 pm “Wohnzimmerkonzert”
22.12.23 from 6 pm “Wohnzimmerkonzert”
09.01.24 from 6 pm Finissage

Take the chance to see some #beautifulcreatures live!

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